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About Moto X Adventures


“While I’ve trained and ridden bicycles all over the US and Europe, I think some of the best dual-sport riding on the east coast exists right here in the mountains of north Georgia, Tennessee and north Carolina.”

 - Tom Watson


Yep, some of the best ADV riding in the Southeast is right here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. With several mountain ranges and wilderness areas to choose from, you’ll have one of the best ADV/DS rider experiences possible. 


Moto X Adventures provides one, two or three day customized adventures for ADV/DS riders of all levels. The mountains of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee offer diverse riding opportunities for everyone from the most seasoned ADV rider to those just beginning their on/off road journeys. Within 15 minutes of leaving the MXA Basecamp, you’ll be off the pavement and heading for an adventure designed just for you.

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